By Jack YU Cher Chan (Alumni Civility Hall)

Sometimes less is more. That definitely showed in the Student Residence’s 10th anniversary commemorative event “Six Words” (SIX隨尊便), when residents, staff and alumni alike were asked to describe what residential life brings to them in just 6 words.
In this age of information overload, obsession with quantity over quality seems to be the norm. Even with course work, people think it’s harder (and better) to write more than less. But with something as ever present as residential life, having to summarize it into 6 simple words might be a bigger challenge than one would imagine. A lot of people were eager to take up the challenge though, with 323 entries in total in both Chinese and English for the event.

Whether it was local, Mainland or even international students, everybody seemed to agree that life in the residence is a fun experience. And it’s true. It’s not every day that you come across an environment that gives you the liberty to participate in such a wide variety of activities and the opportunity to mingle with such a diverse crowd. The submission by Yuen Ho Chin truly captures the fun side of residential life in 6 (or rather one) simple words, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha” (哈哈哈哈哈哈).

Yet life in the residence is not just fun and games. With the university putting much focus on the internationalization of the campus, diversity has gradually become the norm in the residence. However, coping with the different cultures around the residence can, in the words of Khor Yhuen Zhuen’s submission, “bring challenges that train patience”. This place matters so much for all these people who are trying to call it home that it’s almost natural that there’s conflict. But the great thing about the people in the residence is that we manage to find it in ourselves to understand each other’s differences and build friendships on top of all that.

From all the entries, there’s a general consensus that life at the halls is warm and enjoyable, probably not despite the differences but because of them. It’s an amazing feat when people from different backgrounds can work together to achieve something, and it’s surely a sign of the greatness of humanity.

To sum it all up, again with the words of another submission, this time by Ip Kam Wa, “HALL, stands for Home for ALL”.