By CHU Yiwei, Jocelyn (Hall 9)

It was on a Wednesday evening that a group of “music mania” guys first met. They were people holding different passports and instruments – western and eastern, popular and classic. To be frank, they had no idea what it was going to be like at first, except that they would form an inter-hall band and perform at high table dinners. However, the story later turned out to be amazing.

The band held music jamming sessions every Wednesday and Saturday. In the beginning, as the only oriental music element in the team, I wasn’t expecting to have much to play, since the songs we planned to practice were basically English pop ones. But after a brief clarification on the chords and lyrics, it took no time at all for us to try out our first ensemble “Dimming of the day”, where erhu, guitar and vocal went together beautifully. With the guitar accompanying softly and tenderly, I closed my eyes as I played my erhu solo and almost lost myself in the harmony. From that point on, I knew this would be my most important experience  in the following month, or even in my days left in CityU.

Certainly there were times when things didn’t work out – the keys, beats, sequences or harmonies. Yet we had plenty of talent, passion, inspiration and effort to make things right without any complaint or argument. Sometimes after practice, hungry and tired, we would hang out together. Sitting around the table, we talked and laughed just like brothers and sisters. I had never experienced such a sense of belonging between people from different backgrounds. Perhaps music was the bond; or perhaps we were just meant to be together.

Not long ago we put on our performances at the high table dinners of Hall 2 and Hall 9. Those were the days when we dressed in stunning suits, occupied the stage and shared our music with other hall members. On the stage I  felt no fear or nervousness at all, since I knew that we, the band members, would always be ready to help and cooperate with each other.

It's been so great playing music with the guys and I really appreciate all those beautiful moments we spent together. Thanks to Louise, Emily, William, Fung, Yatlong, Kuen, and also Kevin and Greg. Though the shows have ended, our friendship will carry on.