By FOO Kai Bing, Kelly (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

The Inter-hall Singing Contest held on the 2 April 2012 marked the end of The Professor Edmond Ko Cup. Residents from all the halls flooded Wei Hing Theatre an hour before the event even began. They came with drums, flags, glowing sticks, plastic bottles and anything they could use to cheer for their respective halls. Every single resident in that theatre was filled with adrenaline as they chanted the hall cheers at the top of their lungs. You really could not make out what the MCs were saying as the cheerers shouted at every possible moment.

The champion for the solo category was Vivian Wong from Jockey Club Academy Hall (JCAC). She WOWed the audience with her spectacular voice and flawless dance moves, and won herself “The Most Creative Performance” award for the solo category. The crowd - especially the JCAC cheerers - went crazy at her performance. Vivian exclaimed, “The presence of JCAC cheerers gave me enormous strength to deliver a fearless performance. Through this competition, I understand that the audience’s support is what makes a performer shine. I am truly, truly grateful for the selfless support from the hall tutors and cheerers of JCAC.”

Another stunning performance was by “Oneness” from Jockey Club Humanity Hall, who performed Price Tag. Their harmonious vocals and catchy rap lines won them “The Most Creative Performance” and the 1st Runner-up in the group category. Yuen Chun Yuen from Hall 9, with his guitar, charmed the audience with the song “Grenade” and won the “The Most Stylish Artist” award.

The highlight of the night was definitely the group performance by JCAC’s “Cornwall Lions”. The audience went speechless when 12 performers sang and danced to the song “We’re All in This Together”. The performance was absolutely professional and beyond expectation. The crowd roared with cheers when “Cornwall Lions” won the championship for the group category, as they truly deserved that award. With the dancers’ choreography and chemistry, “Cornwall Lions” won “The Most Cohesive Award” as well.

The champion of the inter-hall singing competition was Jockey Club Academy Hall, while the 1st and 2nd Runners-up were Jockey Club Humanity Hall and Chan Sui Kau Hall respectively. With their yellow tees and hearty cheers, HSBC Prosperity Hall took home “The Best Cheering Hall Award”. As for the overall result of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup, Jockey Club Humanity Hall won the 4th championship title in a row, with Jockey Club Academy Hall close behind at second place.  The night ended with tears of joy and tears of disappointment; but the unity of the residents warmed each and every heart.

Johnson Lui (Residence Tutor of JCAC and leader of “Cornwall Lions”), “I want to express my utmost gratitude to each and every member of Cornwall Lions. We stumbled in the beginning; but in the end we made it! This championship title belongs to every resident in Hall 4 that supported us with all their hearts and strength. We may not have won the Prof Ko Cup, but there is no regret as we gave our very best. “