By Hannamiina TANNINEN  (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)


From that word the first image everyone usually gets is either two Professors talking really slowly in front of an auditorium, or a superheated political argument, where all behavioural etiquette has been thrown into the trashbin and people are just shouting. In some situations those cases might be true, but if you think of it in the context of student residence life on campus, it might actually help you to learn and give you some relaxing brain teasers.

Debating does not mean conflict or confronting someone. It is more like constructing your arguments on a given topic and then presenting them better and in a more logical order than your opponent. Picking a topic and then picking a side can actually help you to understand the topics in your most difficult course better, which is always a good base for learning. Once you really want to win the friendly debate against your friend, you tend to study the concepts learned in the course and the dynamics between them more carefully, in order to construct better arguments.

If you need a break from the vicious cycle of memorizing things from powerpoint slides when studying, why not try debating the all-time classic: should Hello Kitty have a mouth or not? It gives you something else to think about and it is more brain teasing than it first looks, believe me. And it is always relaxing to laugh at your friends’ arguments, since it is almost impossible to find scientific facts about this, so you have to more or less make up your arguments.

Oh, if you get really excited by debating, do you know that there is an English Debating Team in our University? And that there are recruitment events every semester? For more details just follow the CityU Announcement Portal from the first weeks of Semester B.