By ZHAO Yawei, Wicky (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

Welcome to the Student Residence in a brand-new semester and year 2012! Did you enjoy your winter break? Are your thoughts still lost in your wonderful vacation?
Returning to study, do you feel cranky or a little bit low? Have you got syndromes such as fatigue, lack of appetite and concentration, and irritability?  Don’t worry about getting these syndromes. You can easily get over them if you follow these tips:

  • Take enough rest

During the vacation, you may have spent a lot of time relaxing, so your body is adjusted to a rest mode. To be in a work mode, you’d better take a warm bath on the first couple of nights, to increase the speed of your blood circulation and wash away fatigue. It would be better if you participated in a few activities and had a good life habit with enough sleep.

  • Follow an appropriate study plan

Your body needs some time to adjust.  You may choose simple academic tasks to start with. Don’t tackle difficult and complex matters immediately. Wind yourself gradually into your study with sensible and practical plans.

  • Manage your time

A new semester means a pile of new affairs to deal with. Good time management is vital for you to quickly adapt to a new semester and it will give you a normal body clock. You should distribute your time optimally, for example, by allocating a reasonable amount of time to study and some time to recreation as well. In a word, don’t throw yourself into a mess.

  • Eat healthily

You need to be robust and energetic when facing new challenges, right? So please ingest some vitamins and proteins, which are good for your health. Eating fruits and drinking milk are informed choices, as they are rich in vitamins and proteins.
These tips will help you to get rid of post-vacation syndromes. Now, are you ready for the new semester? Good luck. J