By ZHAO Yiwei, Wicky (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

How time flies! The first term of this academic year is about to end. When we look back, it seems like a very short time living here with our lovely neighbours. We may still remember the first day when we arrived, feeling as if we had broken into the secret garden.

The first few weeks are a hard time, but we are so lucky that our neighbours are always there, dragging us out of trouble and helping us adapt to the new environment. Kelly, an exchange student from mainland China, said her roommate is more like a sister, who guided her around the residence site upon her arrival. Kelly is so grateful to her kind-hearted roommate, and she says that without her roommate she might not have got familiar with the ambience so quickly. Roger, the new hall master of Hall 7, also feels tremendously grateful to those who have always done him favours. He told us that before his move-in, other hall masters helped him by showing him around their halls and apartments, and advising him about apartment design. Roger thinks the friendliness and generous support helped him adjust to the new life here.

In the past four months, some might have experienced anxiety, disappointment, shame and anger. But they have gone and we have also had times of joy, excitement and pride. We are fortunate that our many neighbours have always been with us to help out and share our sorrow and happiness. Our hall masters care about us and provide guidance whenever necessary. Hall tutors often chat with us and deal with problems among residents. Residents’ Associations devote themselves whole-heartedly to serving the hall. We may also notice that security guards stand in the lobby every second to guarantee our safety and cleaners work hard every day to create a clean and healthy environment.

It’s amazing that during such a short housing term, we have been helped by so many neighbours. They come into our life and even if we stay for only a short period, our life is never ever the same. We are and we should be thankful: thank you, my many great neighbours!