By Margaret CHUNG (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Time flies. December has already come. I believe many residents are studying hard for the coming examinations. But at the same time, do reserve some days for relaxing, especially with your beloved hallmates, as some of them are going to leave.

We have exchange students from all around the globe staying with us in the Student Residence and they stay for one semester only. Dozens of local residents will go abroad for exchange next semester as well. So in the coming semester, you may not be able to see all of your current hallmates.

Over the past few months, you might have played, cooked, chatted, laughed and cried together with your hallmates. You met your hallmates by chance as new friends in hall. But by a miracle, these previous strangers are now your neighbours, friends and family members, whom you see every day. The relationship between your hallmates and you is valuable.

There are just a couple of weeks left before some of your neigbours leave. You may have very mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. You might feel happy because your hallmates can go back to their homes and will no longer suffer from homesickness. You might feel sad because you cannot see them as frequently as before.

No matter how you feel, do spend time with your hallmates in the rest of this semester. You may organise some activities. For example, you may dine out with them or cook for them. If you have time, you may even hold a farewell party for them. I held a farewell party for my previous floor tutor, Rebecca, in the Common Room with my hallmates. We hugged, chatted, ate and took photos. Everybody had fun on that day, which is still vivid in my mind.

“Say goodbye” is not an easy job. Yet, good things may come to an end one day. We may meet the hallmates someday at the other corners of the world.