By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Yahoo! Another semester is nearly behind us, and we’re one step closer to donning that universally unflattering black robe that encapsulates our hard work once and for all.  While it is probably going to be tempting for most of us to spend the semester break hibernating in our beds, making up for all of the hours of sleep we missed throughout the semester, research has shown that might not be the best way to recharge yourself. Instead, try realigning your internal clock by establishing a more normal sleep schedule to reap the most health benefits from your break.

The end of the semester always brings its own unique set of challenges intermingled with our excitement and relief. For some of us, a challenge might be the fact that although we are looking forward to the time off, we might not be looking forward to going home as much as we used to. Don’t worry; it is a natural feeling that comes with growing up.  For others, a challenge might present itself in the form of bittersweet celebrations with new friends whom you must now part ways with.  This, too, is common and is probably best viewed as one of the many moments where we choose to remember the happy memories instead of dwelling on our sadness. All in all, remember to appreciate all of the people who have made your time in the residence an enjoyable experience.

If you are preparing to embark as an exchange student next semester, check out this handy list of tips and tricks of pre-departure musts. If you just wish you could be travelling next semester, have a look at the winning entries from JCAC’s hall writing competition.  They just might inspire you to make time for satisfying your wanderlust.

Congratulations on a semester well done.  Enjoy your well-deserved time off and we hope that you can find the inspiration you need to earn the high marks you desire next semester.

Happy holidays!