By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Take a deep breath and relax.  Smile and be thankful, because our midterms are over and we finally have time to do something enjoyable and just for fun, such as reading this month’s ResLink! 

Following the recent CityU Information Day, this issue of ResLink highlights some of the key aspects of living in the City University Student Residence.  When we have a tiff with our roommate or are frustrated that the printer in the computer room is not functioning properly, for example, it can become momentarily difficult to remember what is good about living here in the Student Residence.  Fortunately, Margaret is here to remind us of these benefits, such as that our halls are a great environment for both studying and wellness, bringing together the perspective of long-time residents and new residents.

As evidenced by a beautiful wedding of a former resident and her husband held in our very own Multi-Function Hall B, the Student Residence can even be a place to find true love!

Of course, even though there are so many upsides to living here in the Student Residence, this environment does not come without its challenges, much like any other cooperative living environment. In particular, communicating across cultures can be very challenging in our multicultural halls. It might be easy to assume that the only cross-cultural misunderstandings happen between Chinese and non-Chinese students, but communication between Han and ethnic minority Chinese has its misunderstandingsat times!

A few weeks ago, the world lost a brilliant inventor and innovator.  Since then, the inspirational words of Steve Jobs have found new popularity and a renewed significance, reminding us that the power of words can be immense.   Hoping to inspire their fellow residents, perhaps in a similar fashion to Mr Jobs, a group of student residents have written their tales of travelling as part of the “Enjoy Reading, The Story of Travelling - Hall Writing Competition”.

As our final exams draw upon us, remember that, as we say in America, all work and no play makes John a dull boy.  Perhaps a good way to maintain a balance between work and study is a trip to one of this year’s Spanish October events, such as the La Feria, hosted by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.