By LIU Xiang, Jack (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

I was a reporter for the hall book of Jockey Club Academy Hall (JCAC) last year. To write stories for different floors, I had to talk to dozens of floor tutors, floor representatives and residents in JCAC. The differences I found between floors were significant. There were extremely active floors where floor activities took place every few days. There were also quiet floors where only a handful of activities were held.

From the information I gathered, the more the floors were homogeneous culturally and by gender, the more active the floor residents were. One floor was occupied mostly by girls from mainland China and the floor was as vibrant as a teenage drama. However, a co-ed floor was more likely to be quiet or divided. Key persons such as Residence Tutors, Floor Representatives and other active residents were also important. All active floors were found to have an active person or two who were very enthusiastic about organising and joining floor activities. They are the people who hold the floor gatherings.

“Is this all we should expect from a floor?” As a busy year-three student myself I would rather live on a quiet floor. But back when I was a freshman, I loved to live on an active floor. I cannot say what kind of floor is better. I guess different kinds of floor are suitable for different kinds of people. But no matter what your floor is like, you can still enjoy it with a respectful and open mind.