By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

I think most of you will all agree with me when I say that I am incredibly excited that October is upon us.  And while for some of us that may signal the stress of mid-term exams, I prefer to look at it as the semester being halfway over and, most importantly to me, the dawn of cooler weather!

This month, ResLink puts the spotlight on the many facets of traditions, including the traditions that have formed right here at the Student Residence.  First, we take a closer look at September’s Mid-Autumn Festival, delving deeper into the culture behind the traditions.  Moving closer to home, Margaret explains the many ups and downs of carrying on the traditions of our halls’ Residents’ Associations and Jack YU explains the importance of the beginning of new traditions, in particular, the international students’ annual Global Get- together.

A tradition at the Student Residence that is not as pleasant, however, is that of stolen food from the hall Common Rooms.  Remember, stealing is an offence punishable by Hong Kong law.  Not all traditions have to persist – let’s work together to put an end to this one!  A good way to do so might be to think about this question from Jack LIU: What kind of floor do you like?  One that is active?  One where all of the residents are close friends?  One that is relatively quiet? 

As you have likely noticed, a key theme in ResLink each month is offering advice on handling different issues related to students’ lives, such as homework, roommate difficulties, physical well-being, job searching and so on.  This month, we want to remind you that giving and taking advice should most closely resemble a friendly exchange of perspectives and ideas rather than as a transfer of rules and guidelines. The advice we give should be used as points for you to consider rather than as steadfast procedures, and we urge you to keep this distinction in mind when you are giving or receiving advice outside of the ResLink context as well.

Happy reading!  

PS: You may have happily noticed that the temperature of your daily shower is much more stable.  The new energy-saving heat pump project and the electric water heaters are to thank!