By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Ahh, the beginning of another school year; there’s just nothing like it.  Our minds are rested, our pencils sharpened and our hopes high. For a week or two, at least, we are actually excited about our classes.  If you are like me, you revel in this phase of the semester because you know that, without fail, by the time October rolls around, you will be praying for December and the sweet release of Winter Break.  But for now, let’s sit back and enjoy the glorious beginnings of this new year.

Are you new to the Student Residence and not sure exactly how to acclimate? Not to worry, ResLink is here to help! While you may have been accompanied to the halls by your parents, we want to make sure that you have the tools available to enjoy your independence in your new home.  For example, you can check out this handy list of the top six things to do around the Student Residence. Or, maybe this is the first time you have ever had a roommate and need a little advice on how to adjust.  Even the cafeteria, Homey Kitchen, wants to make sure that you feel at home!
For many residents, the summer was filled with part-time jobs, internships preparing them for the workplace and other exciting activities.  Don’t let the start of classes be the end of your extracurricular life – consider joining one of the many fun hall activities slated for this semester and as always, remember the importance of exercising to both your health and your academic performance!

Now that the new Academic 2 building has opened, are you still a little confused about what all the construction is about between the main campus and the Student Residence?  I know I am, and fortunately, Kerry has the scoop!  From even more new academic buildings to improvements at the Student Residence, there are exciting new structures cropping up all over CityU!

Enjoy the excitement that the beginning of the semester brings.  Catch up with old friends and be sure to make some new ones.  Until next month, happy reading!