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By Jack YU Cher Chan (Alumni Civility Hall)

  1. Get to know your roommate and floor-mates. Your roommate and your floor-mates are people that you’ll be seeing frequently for at least the next few months. Instead of retreating into your own world, getting to know more about these people will help make your stay at the residence a lot more enjoyable.

  2. Know the system. No matter whether you are here for a semester or for a whole degree course, knowing what is allowed and what is not will make your life a lot easier. And especially for those who plan to stay for more than a year, figuring out the hall returning scheme as early as possible will definitely increase your chances of returning.

  3. Get to know hall cultures. It’s not just about the written rules around the residence. A lot of the proceedings in the halls are governed by unsaid rules, in other words, hall cultures. Understand what’s acceptable in your particular hall and find out what might get you into the bad books of fellow hallmates and/or tutors and hall masters.

  4. Hang out at Homey ’s. Some may argue that the place has weak ventilation, but sitting there for a bit longer than it takes to finish your meal may have a significant effect on your social life. It’s where I started getting to know people around the residence and I’ve never looked back since. After all, people seem to bond best over food.

  5. Explore the surroundings. The residence is situated almost right in the middle of Hong Kong, with places that have a lot of authentic local delicacies nearby, like Sham Shui Po and Nam Shan. Making use of the residence’s convenient location to discover a more traditional and truly local side of Hong Kong may be an interesting experience.

  6. Participate in group activities. You will soon notice that there are a lot of opportunities for you to participate in group activities and a lot of chances for you to organise your own. Cultural activities like the Joint-Hall Mid-autumn Festival have always been a hit among students both local and international, and are also a good platform for both parties to get to know each other better. The facilities around the residence also make it possible for you to hold your own group activities. Hotpot gatherings in the hall common room, a game of fusbal or table tennis, and even a games night in Multi-function Hall B are all possible options for you to bond with other fellow residents.