By YANG Jiahui, Kary (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)

Are you planning to leave the Student Residence during the summer term? Are you worried about where to keep your luggage during your time away from Hong Kong? If so, don’t worry! The following is the right information for you.

CSSAUG@CityU is launching its summer storage scheme again for student residents. The selected storage company is Safety Cabinet Storage Co Ltd. The company provides dehumidification 5 or 6 times per week and the temperature at the storage location is controlled between 25 - 26 °C. A CCTV system and electronic lockers are in place to ensure safety and security.

The charge for storage is very reasonable. The cost for 3.5 months storage rental is only HK$71. Storage for one carton costs HK$15 per month (HK$0.5 per day). The standard size of a stored carton is 21 “(L) x16” (W) x 15” (H). You can also use your own suitcase. But if it is over the standard size, it will be charged as 2 cartons. A delivery cost of HK$10 per carton and a deposit of HK$10 will also be charged.

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Sounds a good deal? Mark down the dates of the summer storage scheme:

  • 26 April-11 May 2011, Examination Period;
  • 13 May 2011, 10:00am-4:30pm, Multi-function Hall A: giving-in your storage;
  • 25 August 2011, 10:00am-4:30pm, Multi-function Hall B: collecting your storage;
  • 29 August 2011, start of Semester A.

If you cannot be there in person during the specified time to collect your luggage, you can ask your friends in advance to collect the luggage as long as they have the receipt and an authorization letter from you. Don’t put valuables in your storage. If there’s something fragile inside your storage, please write “handle with care” on the box. It is strongly recommended that you place some paper tissue or towels to keep your storage dry. Further details of the contract will be sent to you by email and you are always welcome to contact the responsible person from CSSAUG@CtyU or the company for enquiries.

Now, you can travel with a light pack and know that your luggage will be taken good care of.



ResLink Issue No.34
April 2011