By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Did this semester seem to fly by, or is it just me? It doesn’t seem possible that April is already here.  Only a few more weeks, and the sweet release of summer will be upon us – well, maybe!  Summer courses, professional internships and part-time jobs abound, but hey, the psychological joys of warm, sunny weather make everything a little better, don’t you think?

In the lead-up to summer, March brought us many opportunities to remain busy and involved at the Student Residence.  From lighthearted activities such as the Inter-hall Singing Contest to more serious events such as the residents’ Roundtable Discussion on the current state of the Middle East, residents had a very active month.  Other exciting and important events that residents have partaken in in the last month include the meaningful student-run benefit auction to help Japan “Turn the Wave” after the devastating earthquake and tsunami catastrophe, a dialogue between student residents and City University President Way Kuo and a kick off ceremony for the university-wide effort to cut our collective food waste

Once again, Jocelyn is back with another fantastic book review.  This month, she explores the many facets of being alone in Six Lectures on Solitude by Jiang Xun.  As always, she welcomes your comments and feedback on the book as well.  And, in this month’s analysis of the university’s Strategic Goals, we examine CityU’s branding and image management efforts from multiple perspectives. 

As the semester winds down and we prepare for the summer and eventually, the coming fall semester, the ResLink staff wants to remind our fellow residents of two important points: Number one, if you are leaving the Student Residence for the summer and do not want to carry all of your belongings home, whether that be across the city or around the globe, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) has once again arranged for discounted summer storage for student residents. Check out this article for details about the key dates and reduced pricing of this service.  Number two, if you are heading off on an exchange study next semester, remember the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while abroad

We at the ResLink wish you the very best of luck as your semester winds down.  It is easy to get caught up in the stress of final projects and exams, but remember to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing first and foremost.  Have a great month!


ResLink Issue No.34
April 2011