By FUNG Wing Sum, Sammi (BA in English for Professional Communication, Year 2)

Looking up at the blue sky with pure cotton clouds, I reflected how much I missed the days when I was studying as an exchange student in another part of the world. Last semester, I went for an exchange study at the University of Adelaide, UniSA, Australia.

When I first stepped into the territory of South Australia, it was such a new and interesting experience to me, as I had to speak English everywhere. No matter whether I went shopping, had classes or met new friends, English was the only common language for interpersonal communication. Through daily conversations, I was able to cultivate my English communication skills through daily practice as well as get to know more about the culture of local Australians.

Instead of living in a local host family, I shared an apartment house with several international students from different countries. We shared all the common utilities and lived as a family. I was given a good chance to interact with them, understand their unique cultures and develop a healthy lifestyle. We prepared healthy food for our house parties and did sports activities together at weekends. We even organised outdoor picnics on the beach or in wildlife parks during holidays. We enjoyed having great fun under the blue sky and sunbathing on fresh grasslands. It was such a valuable experience to immerse myself in a multi-cultural environment and explore new places together with supportive companions.

By joining the exchange programme, I tried to adapt to an entirely new environment and learnt to take good care of myself. I also experienced a different life style and living pace. I was motivated to live with a healthy living style and develop a habit of recycling – classifying types of waste before disposal. Even now I am back in Hong Kong, I do not intend this healthy living style to come to an end. I have taken two consecutive PE courses this semester in CityU and plan to go hiking every weekend to continue my healthy lifestyle.


Try to organise your time better with your family and friends. Get in touch with the natural environment around us and treasure what we have in the universe. I am sure that different life experiences are waiting at your door!

ResLink Issue No.34
April 2011