By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumini Civility Hall)

Oh, I am not an addict. I can give up smoking whenever I want to.”  Almost every smoker says that but it is easier said than done. Most people who smoke are addicted to smoking without even realising that the burning tubes of paper filled with chemical-soaked chopped up leaves is doing nothing but harm to their and others’ well-being. If you have a craving for cigarettes or if you feel good after smoking then you have to realise that you’re an addict.

It is essential to understand that smoking not only attacks the smoker’s lungs and nasal passages but also adds to environmental pollution. Luckily, in Hong Kong many places ban smoking for the general well-being. The detrimental effects of smoking can be observed in the smoker’s health in the form of several health problems that he/she has to face and also that the people around have to suffer due to exposure to the smoke, smell and chemicals. In accordance with the amended Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Chap. 371), the CityU campus and the Student Residence have been designated as non-smoking areas and those who smoke in these areas will be subject to a maximum fine of HK$5000.

no smoking

Sometimes, residents go to Shek Kip Mei Park to smoke in the smoking zones there but they fail to understand that even after they’re done with smoking there is an aura of stench that is constantly emanated from their body and clothing. I’m sure you have experienced the weird smell while standing next to a regular smoker.  A smoker stinks even after the cigarette has been dumped. The smell clings to their bodies and causes further discomfort to people around.
Smoking is like a chain of addiction that sticks to the smoker. This chain of addiction is too light to be felt until it becomes too heavy to be broken. If you feel that you’re getting entangled in this maze of addiction then don’t hesitate to get advice and professional counseling about stopping smoking from the Department of Health Smoking Cessation Hotline: 1833 183, or visit

Here are some quick tips on quitting smoking:

  • Set a quit date.
  • Assess the barriers that would hinder your quit plan and be prepared for them.
  • Seek support from your family and friends.
  • Dispose of all smoking tools and cigarettes.
  • Stay away from cigarettes and secondhand smoke.
  • Be determined.

ResLink Issue No.32
Feb 2011