It is that time of the year when everyone is seen burying their heads under their books. The common topic of discussion at Homey Kitchen is the amount of studying that is still pending or the number of times one has finished revising. It is the time when coffee is the best friend of too many of us. Yes, it is time for the final examinations. You are now attacking the big monster called exams. Here are some tips from my own experience that you may find useful:

Say goodbye to anxiety: It is natural to feel anxious before an exam. It happens with me all the time and it prevents me from being over confident. But too much anxiety can be unhealthy. Whenever you feel nervous, you have to keep calm and practise slow breathing for a couple of minutes. Sounds simple, but you have to really try hard to do it.

Why fear, when you have confidence?: Sometimes, even when I am well-prepared for exams, I feel scared before entering the examination hall, because I let the very word ‘exam’ frighten me. This results in distraction and finally, when I get the examination in my hands, I am unable to write the answers despite knowing them. To avoid this, you should keep your mind free of fears and be confident even before you start your studying.

Don't compare:  Life is one big test in itself and by comparing ourselves with others, all we achieve is misery. Everyone has their own virtues and vices. So we should not be unfair to ourselves by comparing. The time spent comparing could have been spent figuring out your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can do well.

Sleep well & eat well: One of my professors always told me that our body needs a minimum of six hours of sleep and a maximum of eight. This has a great effect on your exams because a sleepy head lacks the agility to think spontaneously. Also, don’t starve on the exam day. My head stops being alert if I’m deprived of food. Lack of food makes me think only about food, even during the exams! Most importantly, continue to supply your body with a lot of fluids, especially water.

It is necessary for us to keep our mind at peace, because only when there is inner peace can there be outer peace. We hope that with these tips, the Exam Monster will appear more like a timid rabbit. . “Add oil”!