Are you deluged with greeting calls and letters that enliven the winter holiday season? If so, wouldn’t you like to plan a fancy celebration to pull yourself out of the hectic pace of life? Yes, December is coming, and there are many reasons to indulge ourselves in every piece of relish and joy. However, there are also chances for us to get into trouble if we don’t spend the holiday wisely. Just take a look at the following tips. Believe it or not, the word “fest” can be a helpful reminder for festive time.

F- Feed yourself appropriately

Christmas is always the golden season for over-eating, as a result of repeated trips to celebrating tables. Though it is unrealistic to stop compulsive eating at certain moments, you can still choose healthy food to satisfy your craving. You should understand that over-eating burdens your stomach and gets you into a sick mood afterwards. So try to put limits on your consumption of everyday meals and snacks. When you feel more self-controlled, you will get more pleasure from eating

E- Exercise regularly

Exercise goes perfectly with rich recipes. If you are planning a trip or several shopping expeditions, do not forget to get exercise. But if you are not, then just build some time into your holiday and stretch yourself to keep away the extra calories. A simple walk with your beloved one after dinner is a great idea to keep both of you in a “healthy” relationship.

S- Sleep enough

As rich entertainments beckon, it’s easy to stay up late. Make sure you treat your body well by taking at least six hours of sleep every day. Also, you may try to take sleep-ins to keep your body in top shape: a nap in the afternoon, for instance, is useful for recovering and pumping positive energy into you for your later activities.

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T- Take a buffer day:

Before going back to work, schedule a day or two to calm down a little and function in the usual daily rhythm. You may try to work out some plans for the coming week and get yourself ready for your busy life. This will effectively help you ease your post-holiday stress and syndromes. After all, festivals are about eliminating tension, not creating stress.