Have you had the experience that someone signs into your Hall with your name, but without informing you of his/her coming? What if he/she forgets to sign out when leaving the Hall, and it is already midnight when your security guard or your floor Residence Tutor insists that you must get the person back to prove that he/she has left? This can be quite troublesome sometimes.


•  Sign out: the visitor should ˇ§beepˇ¨ her/his card at the security counter and show his/her identity.
Let's work together to follow the Hall rules and make your hall life easier! You are invited to share your first-hand experience by joining the test-run from 17 to 22 December 2007 at your Hall's security counter. A full launch of the new visitor registration measures is scheduled for 21 January 2008.

Follow these visiting procedures when you enter a Hall:

•  Sign in: as a host, you are required to ˇ§beepˇ¨ your student ID card, and your visitor is also required to beep his/her student ID card on the reader at the security counter. If your visitor is a non-CityU student, she/he is required to show her/his identity with a name and photograph for registration and collecting a ˇ¨Day Passˇ¨ at the security counter.

But now we have enhanced the measures for dealing with this problem. Student Residence Office (SRO) has recently installed new equipment at each Hall. With the new arrangements, visiting different Halls can be more convenient than before.
ˇ§Beepˇ¨ Your Card When Visiting Halls