Let's join hands to make the Student Residence a pleasant place for living.

3. Smoking may cause fire. You probably still remember that last month, one of our Halls had a fire incident. The case was suspected to have been caused by someone who smoked in the Hall. Smoking not only harms an individual¡¦s health, but also threatens the safety of other residents.

2. Smoking is hazadous to health. Smoking is one of the possible factors causing lung cancers and other serious diseases. Many of the residents reported that they are not fond of the smell of cigarettes and second-hand smoke. If you smoke without caring about other people¡¦s feelings, it is likely to harm your relationship with your neighbours.

1. Smoking breaches the Hong Kong laws and regulations of the Student Residence. Starting from 1 January 2007, smoking or carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in indoor or outdoor areas of the Student Residence and university campus is prohibited and is liable to a fine of HK$5,000. Students breaching these laws and Regulations Governing Student Residence will be subject to student discipline actions.

Some of our residents are ¡§knights of the vapor¡¨. Although we respect their habits, no smoking is allowed in the Student Residence. We sincerely hope that you can cooperate with us to make the Halls a smoking-free place:

Clean Air for a Better Residence