You may still remember that on the first day I was born, my creators called for you to give me a name. Two months have passed, and it's time now to make the final decision.

This newsletter is published thanks to the love and care of our residents, the work of reporters, designers and editor, and the support of Student Residence Office (SRO).

Many residents have actively taken part in the ˇ§give me a nameˇ¨ campaign. Their suggestions have shown innovation and care for the improvement of the newsletter. This has allowed us to make a wise choice from a wide range of ideas.

Thinking that the newsletter targets all the residents in the Student Residence, who are from all over the world, we have had to give up some names which are Chinese-oriented. But we think they are excellent!

Finally, our newsletter is called ˇ¨Res-linkˇ¨ which has been voted for by the majority of a panel including representatives of the editorial board of the Newsletter, Residence Masters, Residence Tutors, Residents' Associations and SRO staff. The winner is Chen Yiting, an exchange student from Renmin University of the PRC. Do not hesitate to call me ˇ§Res-linkˇ¨ in the future!

From Now On, Please Call Me "Res-link"