You may never have heard about them, and you may never have seen them. They are Peace Marshals, who walk around in the Student Residence from 11:00pm to 2:00am, maintaining a peaceful and harmonious environment for you to have good rest and sound sleep. They are also responsible for identifying irregularities relating to building facilities and operation systems, and lending table-tennis equipment and chess games to residents at the Multi-Leisure Time in Multi-function Hall B. The first Peace Marshals were appointed in Semester B from 2006-07.

ˇ§I believe that being a Peace Marshal is meaningful work, as well as challenging,ˇ¨ said Mak Chun Fung, one of the Peace Marshals and a resident of HSBC Prosperity Hall. He explained that as a Peace Marshal, his mild suggestions on lowering the voice are more acceptable to residents. ˇ§With the role of a student, rather than the role of a security guard, we can help students feel more ready to accept our suggestions from peers' perspectives.ˇ¨

Another Peace Marshal, Li Wing Chi, a resident of Lee Shau Kee Hall, told the newsletter reporter his feelings about the work, ˇ§to be honest, when I first became a Peace Marshal, I doubted whether I had the ability to ˇĄget the job done', since they're really new and it's a bit hard for me.ˇ¨ But his doubts were dispelled when SRO staff and security staff gave a helpful hand. Besides, he found the residents are actually really friendly and easy-going. Li added that becoming a Peace Marshal helps him get to know the people and improve his communication skills.

Our Peace Marshals
The Peace Marshals are busy preparing for their examinations and they will return to their posts in semester B. Their mission is now being carried out by our security staff, who have been doing the very demanding job well. You can be a ˇ§Peace Marshalˇ¨ by helping the whole community to keep a peaceful and harmonious environment in whatever ways you can. If you are interested in the post, please contact SRO (

"I Will Get the Job Done!"