We are now in the examination weeks. Student Residence is trying to provide a favorable study environment for all residents. So enjoy your revision and help to keep our Halls a nice place for everyone.

Since we have received suggestions that residents prefer not to study in their own rooms, Multi-function Halls A and C have now been converted into Quiet Study Halls for your individual study and group discussion needs.

In addition, some of the function rooms on the G/F in your Hall have also been converted into quiet study rooms, which provide you with more options for facilitating your revision.

During the exam period, residents should be extra careful about a healthy lifestyle.
1. Keep a balanced diet, have enough exercise and adequate rest and sleep.
2. Regularly open your windows for better ventilation.

What¡¦s more, for your fellow residents¡¦ convenience, try to be a considerate neighbor.
1. Always keep your voice down to a whisper and keep quiet, even in daytime.
2. Do not occupy seats in Halls A & C.

Let¡¦s work together to foster a favorable study environment for achieving good examination results for all!

Feel At Ease to Study @ Your Residence