Time is like a bullet train and we passengers have only a month to reach the end of the semester. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Then just count the days on your calendar and see how much work you have done and how much is left. If you were busy enough, then congratulations - you can continue the trend with ease in the coming weeks. If you were not, congratulations too - you may reap more in one month than you did in the previous two months, if you take action now. But before you plunge into study, why not take a few minutes to look at some fine ideas? They may help you cope with anxiety and frustration in these busy days and make the months ahead more pleasant.

image from helpingpsychology.com

No.1.Old Days are Sunken Treasure. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Whether you did well or poorly, it has become an unchangeable fact that you must face. So just grasp the present and do something.

No.2. Keep a Steady Heart. Try to treat every day equally and distribute your energy fairly. Exams are just a normal part of life and have been experienced by tens of thousands of people, so do not be terrified.

No.3. Share with Friends,Parents and Professors. Believe it or not, you have a strong support network - stronger than you can ever imagine. Share your experiences and thoughts with them and you may find they have so much to offer. Remember that when you face difficulties, you are not alone.

No.4. Be Nutrition-aware and Get Enough Sleep. Sometimes anxiety originates from physical health problems. Make sure that you eat healthy food and are in good condition so that you can work more efficiently. By the way, autumn usually calls for more intake of vegetables and fruit.

No.5. Let off Stress with Music and Sports. Good pieces of music are fine refreshment after hours of hard work. And scientific proof shows that doing exercise can stimulate adrenaline, which will strengthen your abilities and enable you to turn out your very best work.

No.6. Smiling is the Best Treatment. You are happy, so you smile, and magically, the other way around works too – you smile, so you are happy. At the start of each day, why not stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a big and confident smile? What a nice day!