It’s November and the holiday season is officially upon us.  Beginning with the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, there are many important holidays and festivals celebrated in the fall by residents from many different cultures. The ubiquitous Halloween presented itself in the form of spooky haunted houses in 6 residence halls.  North America’s Thanksgiving is not far off.  And you know what comes after that – Christmas and our long-awaited semester break!  If these are not holidays that your culture celebrates, treat them as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of unfamiliar cultures and of the international and exchange students around you. These and other holidays are often a time of feasting with family and friends.  Remember that there are options for eating sustainably during these times. If you are interested in the tales of other students’ experiences with new cultures and traditions, follow the journey of an international student as he experienced and became better acquainted with the many facets of British culture through a meaningful volunteer trip.

In addition to the holiday excitement, the Student Residence has been abuzz with numerous other activities in the past month.  The beginning of voting for all of the Halls’ new Residents’ Associations (RAs) was at the end of October, as was the CityU Information Day 2010, during which prospective residents toured the Student Residence and got a peek into what life is like in all of the halls.  If you’re unfamiliar with what life is like in Halls 4, 5 and 6, check out this article to learn more!

Not only does November bring with it holidays and festivities – it also signals the end of the academic semester, which,  for many students, is equated with significantly more stress and anxiety as final deadlines and semester exams draw near.  Keep in mind these tips about wiping away anxiety, and you may find yourself feeling less stressed and more at ease this month.  On that same note, remember:  Be respectful of the fact that this is a stressful time filled with studying and much-needed resting at night.  Do your part to maintain a quiet study environment and observe the quiet hours of the Student residence (11:00PM – 7:00AM) and to make the Student Residence a pleasant place to live and study.

From all of us on the ResLink’s Editorial Board, enjoy the fall festivities and best of luck as you wrap up your semester.