Did you know that an air-conditioner running for 8 hours emits 5.6kg of CO2 gases, while a grown tree needs 3 months to fully absorb them? Did you know that Hong Kong emits 1000 tons of CO2 every 13.5 minutes, and it’s still increasing? Did you know that as a HK citizen, you are making as much as 5.54 tons of CO2 per year?

Multiplication rocks! A few watts wasted every day, multiplied by millions, can result in a huge difference.

However, some simple acts are within the reach of everyone. You will be surprised at the changes brought by our combined efforts to reduce electricity consumption at the same time as we prepare for the coming Inter-hall Energy Saving Competition.

Here are some Cool Tips to save energy in our residence and save reduce electricity consumption for your Hall:

  1. For your PCs, sleep is good; shut down your monitor if you are away for 20 minutes.
  2. Turn off unnecessary lighting; from time to time, give exhaust fans in bathrooms a rest. Non-stop operation seriously reduces their service life.
  3. Unplug electronic devices when they’re already fully charged. The adapter, with or without other electronic devices attached, is still using power.
  4. Keep fit by walking up and down a few stairs.
  5. Let your clothes dry naturally and enjoy sunbathing!

Within a year, air-conditioning accounts for around 30% of all use of electricity in Hong Kong and more than 50% in summer. We offer you some special tips to fight against this big energy consumer:

  1. Be a loyal fan of fans! Fans not only save the money in your pocket but also our environment.
  2. Close the curtains during daytime to shut sunlight away.
  3. Gather more friends when doing hot-pot; don’t leave air-conditioners and lights on after using Common Rooms.
  4. Dress appropriately for the weather. Light clothes absorb less heat, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning.
  5. Keep your room temperature at 25.5 ℃.
  6. It’s already autumn, so say no to air-con! Welcome cool air in when night falls.
  7. Continue to fulfill the “Hong Kong No Air-Con Night” call and make a promise to turn off air-cons in October.

Since you started reading this article (assuming it takes you 2 minutes), 86,000 tons of CO2 have been emitted around the world! Visit Breathing Earth to get a real-time simulation of CO2 emissions.

Act now to save energy and support the environment!