“What is life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” In the humdrum of today’s life, where everything is mechanized and digitalized, we have conveniently forgotten about the beauty that nature has blessed us with. Not only do we miss out on appreciating the outer beauty but we tend to completely overlook the inner beauty too.

In this rat race of competition, we forget that our body needs time too. Sometimes we take certain things too casually and make it a habit, without realising its undermining consequences. For instance, when I came to Hong Kong, I observed that drinking Chinese tea was very popular. Most of the students carried bottles which had varied teas of different colours and tastes. It was this habit that intrigued me to understand the benefits of Chinese tea. But nowadays more and more people are moving towards Starbucks.

chinese tea
image from http://www.picschina.com/02_china_culture_free_Pics/02_china_culture_free_Pics.html

When I was in Beijing as an exchange student, my roommate and I used to sit and appreciate the varied flavours of teas. My favourite flavour was Jasmine because of its unique smell coupled with the great benefits of improving skin and hair texture. My roommate, however, preferred Oolong tea because it cleansed the body system, which is good for ‘chi’. It was intriguing to find out that every tea has a distinct style of brewing and preparation. I feel lucky to be in Hong Kong, where Chinese tea appreciation can be learnt and events like the Hong Kong International Tea Fairs are organised, so as to gather all tea lovers under one roof and learn more.

Stability of mind may seem like a big word but it can be achieved by simple things like drinking tea, practising Yoga or Tai Chi, or merely closing our eyes and concentrating. Some of our residence halls organise Yoga or Tai Chi classes; find out more from your Residence Tutor. Remember, a healthy body can be achieved only via a stable mind and we can succeed only when we have the right nourishment for the body and the soul!