On behalf of the Editorial Board of ResLink, we would like to welcome you to this semester’s first issue of ResLink (No. 27), a monthly electronic newsletter of the Student Residence Office written and designed by talented student residents for students, staff and parents. ResLink features news about seasonal issues, hall happenings, hall activities, cultural highlights and useful advice about wellness and sustainability.

This month’s edition spotlights life in our Student Residence, our very own hotpot of hall culture, giving practical advice all the way. For many students, this semester marks the first time in their life when they have not lived at home. For numerous new non-local and exchange students, this will also be the first time they have lived in and truly experienced another culture to its fullest. Hang on – it’s going to be a wild ride! If you’re having trouble adjusting or readjusting to hall life, check out these tips for maximising your enjoyment of hall life here and really getting to know different corners of the Student Residence. Or visit the residence cafeteria, Homey Kitchen, for a satisfying meal and to pick up any of the necessities you may have forgotten to pack with you. Nearly 120 residents joined the SRO’s Fun Walk to become acquainted with the neighbourhood and visited the Roadshow Sale to spice up their rooms. Did you?

Contrary to widespread assumption, our Student Residence is more than just a place for students to live. Our parents care about our safety and happiness as well. On 26 August 2010, a tea reception was held by the SRO to familiarise the parents of Foundation Year students with what life is like for their children here in the halls. If you want to get involved in something where you can make a difference in the places where other people live and learn, may I suggest that you read more about others’ learning journeys, like the CONNECT project, an initiative aimed at providing voluntary aid to organisations such as schools and NGOs?

If, like me, you’re unfamiliar with certain traditional aspects or keen to know more about wellness and sustainability, check out the art of enjoying Chinese tea and the health and beauty benefits that can come with it.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this month’s ResLink as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you. Until next month, happy reading!