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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Disaster coming from the sky? Objects falling from heights?

“Disaster coming from the sky” means unexpected trouble. Unlike other problems we have mentioned in previous issues, this is sometimes unavoidable because it can’t be controlled by us. But with a slight effort as easy as lifting your finger, you can eliminate other people’s “disaster coming from the sky”.

What kind of disaster? It may be as small as a pen, a bottle or any other small object falling down from your window sill. Small it looks, but when it hurts an innocent person passing by, the result can be very tragic, even lethal.

Sometimes the trouble is caused by your unintentional action, like putting a bottle on the window sill and the bottle is unexpectedly blown away by the wind. So as I said, don’t even try to challenge the huge winds in Hong Kong – you must be careful. This will not only avoid hurting others but also protect your own property.

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In other cases, the object is intentionally thrown from the window, like waste paper or other litter. This is not a proper action for a citizen of Hong Kong, let alone of a well-educated student from a university. To make it convenient to throw away rubbish, the Student Residence has equipped each bed-study room, toilet and Common Room with more than one litter bin. Behaving responsibly is nothing more than a simple action, is it?

It seems that in previous issues of ResLink we have covered different aspects of safety in the residence, from cooking to washing. But safety doesn’t only mean OUR safety. How to consider and contribute to others’ safety is also part of the responsibility of every resident. Only with the joint efforts of all residents can we reach all our safety goals in the residence. Thank you very much for all your contributions. Dr. Safe wishes you good luck with your exams.