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By Melody YI (Alumni Civility Hall)

Q.  Can I still apply for summer residence?
A.  You can download the application form from the SRO website and email or hand in the completed form to SRO. These late applications will be processed in mid May.

Q.  Can I change my summer residence plan?
A.  To extend your plan, you should complete another application form and choose your plan according to the set weekly plans. If successful, you may have to move to another room. If you have settled the full payment but want to shorten your plan, no refund will be made.

Q.  Can final-year students apply for summer residence?
A.  Yes. The last date of residence for final-year students is 9 August.

Q.  I am a resident this semester and will be here in the summer. Do I need to move to another room/floor for my summer stay?
A.  Each hall has floors designated for CityU student residents and other floors for summer letting. If you are currently living on the floor designated for CityU student residents, you may not need to move.  

Q.  I have missed the 2010/20l1 application form. Can I still apply?
A.  SRO will open the application process for 2010-11 on AIMS in early May for late applicants. These late applications will be processed in early September.

Q.  My application for next year was confirmed “successful” but I will go for exchange next year, what should I do?
A.  If you are away for exchange in semester A, please send an email to SRO ( to confirm whether you need a residence place for semester B. If you are away in semester B, you should apply for hall withdrawal for semester B around November 2010.

Q.  My application status for next year is “on the waiting list”. Can I appeal and how?
A.  You can appeal with the submission of fresh supporting documents by 3 May (noon). Our Appeal Panel will go through your case to determine whether it is valid.

Q.  What’s the room moving schedule for those living in hall in the summer and who will be assigned a room for the next year?
A.  Room assignment results and the moving schedule will be released in early August. There are 3 major moving periods: (1) 9-11 Aug (2) 12-15 Aug (3) 17-19 Aug. For those who will be staying in the same room as currently, they still have to return their old key (which will be invalid by then) and collect a new key.

Q. I won’t be able to do my room moving. What should I do?
A. You can present an authorization letter to us and ask someone to help complete your room moving. DO NOT delay your moving since it will affect the student who will be moving into your bedplace, and you will be given late check-out charges ($100 per person per day) as well as being affected in your future application as a returning resident.

Please stay alert to check your student email accounts for SRO announcements.
If you still have other questions and are looking for answers, please email your enquiries to and indicate your name and student ID.