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By Dorothy XU (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)                                 
Translated by Jeff LUK (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

This is my last semester in the Student Residence. I want very much to take this opportunity to share with all current and future residents how rewarding and beneficial it is to work for the Student Residence as a student helper of SRO.

My first job here was as a Residence Ambassador. I needed to provide counter service as well as answer phone enquiries. To be frank, the job was very demanding and the workload was high, especially in peak seasons when there were lots of check-ins and check-outs. Besides, I occasionally met people whose problems were not easy to handle. However, it gave me many opportunities to deal with different students and enhance my interpersonal skills. For instance, students coming to us for enquiries had different questions and emotions. It was not enough just to give them straight and blunt answers. I recall that once a student came to me and complained about his unsuccessful hall application. From what I had learned in some marketing courses, I knew that if I could put myself into his shoes and give him explanations patiently, things would be much easier for both of us. So I explained to him in detail the scoring system for applications and provided him with suggestions, in a tactful way, as to how he might have a better chance with his next application. His attitude to me changed in the end and he smiled at me with gratitude. It was a bit more genuine care and patience that made the big difference.

Later I was offered a chance to be a Student Host to introduce our living environment to guests from different countries. The job was more than just to show them around the residence. Interaction with visitors played an important part during the tour. It required not only presentation but also communication skills. An example of how to achieve that is to talk about something that both parties are interested in. I met a guest from the U.S. and I told her about one of my favourite American dramas. Both of us got excited as we had a common topic and it really facilitated our conversation and interaction. Without the chance of serving as a Student Host, I am sure I would not have been as outgoing as I am now in getting people’s trust or breaking the ice with others.

Both jobs in the SRO have enabled me to meet different people and to cope with different matters. I have learned how to treat people with my heart and with sincerity. Although I have worked at the SRO for just 2 years, the valuable experience I have gained for my future jobs and personal development is life-long.