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By Nwe Nwe LWIN (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Wei Hing Theatre was swarming with the applause and bustle of approximately 350 residents and guests on the colorful night of 15th April 2010. The Inter-hall Singing Contest and Prize Presentation Ceremony of the Inter-hall Competitions were held, leading to the finale of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup (2009-2010). The great efforts of the competitors, the cohesive support of the cheering teams and the achievements of each hall expressed the nine halls’ spirit bonded with unity.

In the midst of the Inter-hall Singing Contest, the cheering teams from the nine halls, wearing their respective hall t-shirts, jackets or specially-designed accessories, were holding banners, waving illuminating neon sticks and chanting slogans. Dimple and Allan, the two great M.Cs, announced each distinguished solo or group singer(s) representing their halls and caught the attention of the bustling audience, who gazed at the breathtaking performances. Finally, the Jockey Club Academy Hall group’s lively singing and dancing performances rocked the audience.

In the intermissions between the parts of the singing contest there were prize presentations for the inter-hall competitions, including the aquatic, athletic, table-tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer and photography competitions. The winning halls showed their eagerness and excitement vigorously when receiving their awards on stage.

The cheering teams could not stop their cheers when the results of the singing contest were announced. HSBC Prosperity Hall and Jockey Club Academy Hall received the same scores from a panel of hall alumni. Their hall spirit reached its highest point when both halls became the Best Cheering Halls. Chan Sui Kau Hall and Lee Shau Kee Hall became the joint 2nd runners-up, whilst Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1) was awarded with the 1st runner-up prize in the singing contest. The Champion of the singing contest was Jockey Club Academy Hall.

Eventually, the climax was reached as the overall champion of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup (2009-2010) emerged.  This year was the second consecutive year for Jockey Club Humanity Hall to capture the huge Cup. Overwhelmed with the excitement, the family of Humanity Hall 1 showed their prosperous spirit on the stage while receiving the highest honour of capturing the Cup. The touching moments ended with words of encouragement from the Residence Master of Humanity Hall, Dr. Elaine Au, when she invited all residents to extend their attachment to their own respective Hall to the other Halls.  The voices supporting nine halls were associated with love, unity and bonding on the basis of sportsmanship.

Indeed, all halls are champions. Every single hall resident should be proud of their spiritual and moral tone that illustrates the ‘Unity in Diversity’ of this event. All nine halls are regarded as champions because of their united spirit and fruitful participation.