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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Wellness March takes place this month and the importance of nutritious food and good health are being emphasized again. You may be good at cooking, but do you know how to cook safely with electronic devices? Sometimes we assume that we know how to use them, but……

DO YOU KNOW: The refrigerator is not suitable for storing wet food.
In the summer, refrigerators are stuffed with drinks and ice-creams. When storing wet food or drinks, we should put them in a waterproof container in order to keep the inner wall of the refrigerator dry. If unfortunately your food is frozen onto the wall, leave the door open for 1 to 2 minutes before you pull the food out.

DO YOU KNOW: Your hands may be burned when touching the Electromagnetic Oven immediately after using it.
Since the oven can reach a very high temperature, the heat remains after it is switched off. To avoid injuring yourself with the heat, you should adjust the power to the lowest level before turning it off and not touch the part inside the heating circle immediately after use.

DO YOU KNOW: Not all containers can be heated in a microwave.
Many residents prefer to heat up their food by using a microwave oven rather than an electromagnetic oven. However, containers cannot be heated in a microwave if they are made of the following materials:

  1. Plastic: It will melt in the oven and may also release some poisonous substance and render the food we consume noxious.
  2. Metal: It will emit electronic sparks when being microwaved, which can damage the oven and cause an explosion.

No sealed containers should be placed in the microwave oven, because the heated air in the containers might expand and cause explosions. In addition, before heating eggs or any other food in a shell with a microwave, we should first pierce the shell.

DO YOU KNOW: Not all food can be microwaved.
Microwaving is not suitable for fried food. The heated oil may splash and cause fire in the oven. In case of fire, remember to turn off the power first , then open the door and seek assistance.

DO YOU KNOW: The microwave is a double-edged sword
Although microwaves can make cooking more convenient, they are dangerous if misused. It is said that the radiation produced by a microwave oven is harmful to our health, so we should stand at least one metre away from the oven when it is operating. Also some electronic devices, such as cell phones and TV sets, can be influenced by microwaves and electromagnetic waves. They should be kept away from microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens.

This is the end of the third lecture by Dr. Safe. I wish every one of you a healthy body and spirit.