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By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)

March is the time of sunshine, mid-term exams, assignments, warm weather and when changes take place. After the hectic and exhausting lifestyle in February and the first half of March, we hope to take this opportunity to remind all of you of the importance health and wellness.  We should remember that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

March is remarkable for the transition of the weather from cold and quiet to sunny and chirpy. Keep in mind that being fit helps us to stay calm and stable in coping with the seasonal changes and the mid-term exams.

Drink water: Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration, tiredness, migraine and other health problems. Also, drinking water helps to facilitate the flow of body fluids and it makes you look younger!

No Junkies: It is essential to supply your body with fresh food, fruits and vegetables, instead of munching junk food that provides almost zero nutrition and curbs one’s hunger. March is the season for harvesting delicious fresh fruits such as watermelon, grapes, pears and sweetcorn. We should seize this great opportunity and taste the scent of spring by trying all the seasonal fruits.

Exercise: In March, the cold is fading out and it is the perfect weather for jogging. If jogging is too intense for you, you can simply take a walk in your free time. The last thing you should do is stay in your room all the time and preventing yourself from inhaling fresh air! Also, the greenery and freshness around will rejuvenate you after an arduous day!

Sleep: There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep after a day of hard work. Lack of sleep might not make you an Alzheimer’s patient but there would be a chance that you would fail to capture the knowledge lingering on the border of your memory during exams!

ResLink wishes all of you a happy study time and we hope that all of you maintain a healthy diet and circadian rhythm! Remember that hope is the privilege only of healthy persons and that you are able to make changes to your own life when you have hope.