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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

There is nothing more exciting than feeling your heart beat when you meet your Mr. Right. There is no discourse sweeter than a promise, “yes, I will”, said to your beloved one. There is no place warmer than a home where your family and you spend the rest of your life. And there is nothing more suitable than sharing the happiness of a couple whose romance begins in our Student Residence.

On a sunny afternoon in December 2009, a couple came to our residence to take their wedding photos, bringing their happiness here. They were Kathy and Yui Tin (Tin), two alumni graduating from the Department of Asian and International Studies of City University. They had been classmates and also our previous hall residents.

Back at the place where they once lived, Kathy seemed excited, “we love the residence. We had a wonderful and memorable hall life, so taking our wedding photos here is meaningful.“ Dressed in a white wedding gown, wearing her hair in a bun and smiling sweetly all the time, she was a charming angel, snuggling up to her handsome fiancé. They took pictures on the lawn, on the pedestrian bridge and in the halls they had lived in. “The residence has changed a lot, it’s much larger and more beautiful,” said Tin,” There were only five halls and no canteen before.” The fiancée agreed,”Yes, the current residents must have great fun here.”

Then what was their residential life like then? Kathy said,” The most exciting function was joining high table dinners, which were a new experience to me. I also liked cooking with my friends, through which I met new friends.“  Kathy was right. “I love her cooking”, Tin said sweetly.

To most students, living in the Student Residence is the first time they live independently of their parents. And there must be some day when we will form a new home with our beloved “other half”. Is there any link between the two homes?  “Hall life taught me how to get along with different people and how to share happiness and sorrows with my friends. Also, without my parents’ supervision, I learnt how to be responsible to myself, and later to my beloved family.” Kathy smiled, confident in their happy future.

George Sand said, “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” The Student Residence is such a place where you learn how to love and be loved. Fate is unpredictable and you never know whether the one you pass by here will become the one you stay with for the rest of your life. The only thing we can do is cherish every friend around us and every moment with them. This is what Kathy and Tin have experienced. Their love won’t be the only romance in the Student Residence.

We wish Kathy and Tin a happy new life.