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By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)


“The goal in life should be living in agreement with nature.” Sounds a tidbit complicated, right? Well, simply put, one of the best ways to do well in life is to live a natural life. Adding artificiality like medicines, vitamin pills, etc only makes life difficult for you! As we’re about to march towards wellness, ResLink recommends you to sweat it out this month in order to tackle the weather change. Sweat it out guys!

One of the most popular ways to keep yourself fit is running. All you need is a place to run around. Peep out of your window. Don’t you think our Student Residence or the Shek Kip Mei Park provides you with a ‘track’ to run on? Nature provides you with everything; you just have to discover it! Running not only refreshes you but also gives you precious time for yourself. Running in the morning is all the merrier. As the cliché goes, “Early to bed and early to rise. Maketh a man healthy, wealthy and wise!” If you’re one of those who hate to go out and exercise, you can always do it indoors. Several Halls in the Student Residence are equipped with exercise equipment. Make good use of it! Yoga and Tai Chi are other ways to keep you fit.  Yoga, the traditional Indian exercise, enhances one’s physical as well as mental self, while Tai Chi, the famous Chinese martial art, enables one to be stronger from inside as well as outside. SRO organises Morning Tai Chi, so go to enroll for it at SRO. We hope that you notice the similarity between all these activities. They all relate not only to your exterior self but also to your inner self. They don’t say ‘a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body’ for no reason!

ResLink wishes you a healthy month and hopes that it can help some of you to change so that you can sweat it out. We leave you with just one motto for the month - "No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively, do have the power to change."