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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Hi, everybody, welcome to Dr. Safe’s class. I’m Dr. Safe, your new friend in the Student Residence. The new semester has begun and you must be excited about the new page in your residential life. I believe you want to live in a safe environment. So I’m here to help you. This semester, by using ResLink as a platform, I will give you some tips on how to create a safe living environment for your friends and yourself. Let’s begin with a little story.

Mike is a new resident here who is always trying to make the most of residential life. But sometimes he is forgetful. One day, he went to the Computer Room on the G/F with his notebook, to print some course materials, but he left his USB drive on the computer. After a while, he felt tired and wanted to take a nap, so he went back to his room with his notebook, but left his bag downstairs with his mobile phone in it. When he arrived at his bed-study room, he found he had left his key in his bag, so he put down his notebook outside his room and went back to the Computer Room to find his key.

Has Mike done anything that can threaten the safety of his property? You probably may have done similar things to what Mike did, so your answer may be “NO”. But leaving valuable things like a computer, USB drive, keycard, bag and mobile phone unattended is unsafe. Here comes the argument.



It’s no big deal to leave these things unattended for so few minutes, because the time is too short and it’s inconvenient to carry all my things with me. If someone has already planned to steal your property, one second may be more than enough.
So it’s absolutely safe to keep my property in my room. The prerequisite is that you are sure you have locked your door. Though the door of the room is advanced with a lockable design, it may not close tightly automatically by itself and closing may need a little push from you.
It’s a waste of money to spend 100 HKD to get another keycard if I have lost the original one, since I can share a card with my roommate. If someone else gets your card and enters your room, your loss will be hundreds of times as much as 100 HKD.

Carelessness and a low sense of security may cause danger. Every resident is responsible for his or her own property. The Student Residence is always making efforts to create a safe living environment for you but it also needs your cooperation. Being responsible, not only towards others, but also towards ourselves, is also what hall life teaches us, isn’t it? OK, this is our first lesson. Next time, we’ll talk about how to keep your food safe in the Common Room. See you next month.