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By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)

How many of you have been wishing that the fickle nature of the weather would stop? It is not only Hong Kong but other places all around the world that are facing the ‘heat’- not only figuratively but also literally. Christmas was warm and everyone was in thin tops, while the New Year saw everyone in layers of clothing! All this in a span of just 5 days? While I have been writing this article, the temperature in Hong Kong has gone down to 10-14 degrees. The weather has been changing like tidal waves! Why is it happening? Just one reason- Global Warming!

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The rising temperature is due simply to our lack of care! Global warming has been making life miserable for all living organisms on this planet- including animals and plants! We all want to live in a peaceful and healthy environment but do we provide enough of the care that our mother earth demands? Would you not do something if your mother were sick? We all need to come together and join hands to ensure that our planet has a speedy recovery! We suggest a simple 3-step prescription for our mother’s cure- Consume less, Share more, Live simply.

We must buy only the things that we most need. Hoarding things helps neither the buyer nor the seller. One of the ways in which we can reduce our consumption is by sharing. Remember the old phrase- Sharing is caring? This should be our motto for this semester. Try sharing your old textbooks by giving them to the freshers or sharing your belongings such as utensils with your floor-mates. This would help everyone! The final mantra we want you to follow is simple living. As they say, “the perfect life is that of a man who has simple living and high thinking.” This mantra would enrich your everyday experience and make you realize the true value of the things you own and the folly of people who run after materialistic things.

We are all part of this lovely planet that needs our care and if we all stand together to make it keep fit, nothing can stop us. Let us all come together and make this change happen. Consume less, Share more, Live Simply!