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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

This semester we have about 40 international students from different nations living in our Student Residence. They will all have their own career paths after graduation. Miss Moe INAKI has accepted ResLink’s invitation to talk about her own career perspectives and her feelings about our residence.

Moe is a final year student in the School of Creative Media. She is an international student from Japan, who has been living in Hong Kong since the age of 15. Since her parents have already moved back to Tokyo, she considers the CityU Student Residence as her home in Hong Kong. She thinks that our residence is a very good place to study. Instead of staying in the campus library all day, she prefers doing her assignments and research in her single room. She likes her single room in HSBC Property Hall (Hall 2), where she enjoys her freedom and space which inspire her creativity, except that sometimes it’s a bit noisy because of other residents gathering on the lawn.

As for her career, Moe plans to go on to further study in Tokyo after graduating from her degree study at CItyU. Compared to Tokyo, she believes that Hong Kong still has much to improve in the creative media Industry. But she says she will miss Hong Kong a lot, since it is such an international city where everything is “packed” and where everyone has a fast pace of life.

Moe will graduate next May. Sooner or later, we will all leave the campus and Student Residence to pursue our new life paths. When we look back on our days and the footprints we have left on past paths, we should learn to appreciate our experiences in the Student Residence, where we have numerous chances to meet many other students with diverse backgrounds and characters.  Our next stage of life may bring us changes, but the only things that never change are our memories.

The Editorial Board of ResLink wish Moe and other students a very enjoyable time during the rest of their residence and a successful future career in the years to come.