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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Hall 9 has been organising the “Let’s Bond Series”, which the residents of all the 9 halls can attend, since last year. Maybe you have already seen posters or attended some sessions in the Let’s Bond Series. Nevertheless, if you would like to know more about it, Ms. Alisa Kwan, the Residence Master of Hall 9, has more to tell you. In her interview with ResLink, Ms Kwan told us the following:

(1)     The aim of the series, which was first pioneered by a former Hall 9 Residence Tutor Ms Juliana Shek, is to provide a chance for ALL hall residents to bond with each other through taking part in activities related to career development, including Career Chatrooms and English Conversational Classes. 

(2)     For the Career Chatrooms, guests who are experienced professionals from all walks of life are invited to come and give useful and practical advice to residents on job applications and interviews.  Besides the keynote speech, there is a one-on-one mock interview session each participating resident can have with a guest consultant, during which  the resident can also request the guest consultant to review his or her draft cv and cover letter and give comments.

(3)     For the English Conversational Classes, residents can widen their vocabulary and improve their spoken English through interacting with the guest teachers, who are all very friendly and helpful native English speakers and include Paul Stephenson (Ms Kwan’s husband), John Fraser and James Osborn (exchange students at Hall 9) and Andrew Glanville and Holden Slutsky (JD students from the School of Law). 

In Semester A 2009/10, Hall 9 has organised 2 Career Chatrooms and 4 English Conversational Classes.  But what did the “users” think of the Let’s Bond Series?  Ms Kwan shared with ResLink the feedback collected from the participants at the end of each session. The feedback on the Career Chatroom includes: “Great opportunity to attend the presentation.  Useful information and links for job interviews.  Nice idea of having the opportunity to get professional feedback over personal cv and cover letters.  Thank you for the opportunity.” For the English Conversational Classes, the feedback includes: “Very helpful.  I get the chance to communicate with native speakers and listen to the ‘real-speed’ English.  Wish to attend more activities.”

Andrew Tse, a Hall 9 RT, is the co-ordinator of the Career Chatrooms and  Emma Jin, another Hall 9 RT, is the co-ordinator of the English Conversational Classes.  Ms Kwan attributes the continual success of the Let’s Bond Series to their dedication and efficient organisational skills.

If you are a final year student, you will soon be joining the job market.  If you are not, you will still be joining the job market eventually.  Why not attend some/all sessions organised for ALL of you by Hall 9 in the Let’s Bond Series in the coming semester.  It is never too early to plan your career development!