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On 16 October 2009, a group of special visitors came to our university. They are around twenty years old, just like our age. But they are not ordinary young fellows like university students. They are required to wear uniform every day and to act as a group with high discipline standards. They share a resounding name --- the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Garrison in Hong Kong.

The PLAs visited our Student Residence in the afternoon and were showed around JC Academy Hall and Chan Sui Kau Hall, where some student rooms were opened for visiting. Student hosts, comprising Residence Tutors, Residents’ Associations and student helpers, introduced to the visitors the various facilities in the function rooms on the G/F and student rooms, hall application procedures, diverse hall cultures and colourful hall activities.

During the conversations, we also realised the differences between our residential life and theirs, among which the most distinct one was that they have to adhere to scheduled training and life. They are required to go to bed at 10:30pm and get up no later than 6:00 am; they have to finish dressing in three minutes and assemble in ten minutes after getting up. It is this kind of strict regulations that has imparted obedient and strong characters to them, enabling them to present their best performance when the country needs their protection. “I have never expected to have such a regular schedule”, a student helper said, “but a regular life is really good for our health.” But to the PLAs, our diverse life hall was attractive. “I wish I could join those fun activities, because they sound interesting”, one of the PLA members said.

Every year, various visits are held in the Student Residence. We are promoting our own residence, which we are always proud of. And it is also through these visits that our student hosts broaden their horizons, becoming aware of other residential cultures and learning from their advantages to further develop themselves. To us, there is no best, only better.