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Herb is the healing of a nation; alcohol is the destruction.” Recently, there have been a lot of problems due to the consumption, or rather over-consumption, of alcohol in the Residence. We are all part of this beautiful community and we should try to help each other overcome any sort of problem. Although alcohol initially makes you feel relaxed, excessive use can ultimately increase anxiety and cause depression.  

Each resident is responsible for ensuring that he/she monitors the intake of alcohol at any given time and avoids over-consumption. Just imagine, how would you feel if your friend was having a drinking problem? Wouldn’t that make you worried? Wouldn’t you feel like doing something to help him/her? We must all understand that binge drinking does no good to the health. A couple of days of binge drinking may kill off your brain cells. Over-consumption is nothing but a temporary state of insanity. Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream and causes loss of muscle control, impaired reflexes, vomiting, and unconsciousness. People who do not know their limits not only cause adverse effects to their own body but also lead to nuisance in the Student Residence. We should remember that our aim is to create a vibrant yet peaceful residence community by respecting others and being considerate towards everyone.

One suggestion that we would like to give to you as to your well-wishers is that you may approach the Residence Master or Counselors of the Student Development Services if you need to talk about the drinking issue or problems. Always remember, it is no achievement to brag about how much you can drink. The Director of SRO, Ms. Rebecca Chan, reminded us of the Chinese saying "樂極生悲"meaning "too much joy may lead to sorrow." The Editorial Board of ResLink urges you to think before you act. Think and Drink NOT Drink and Think. Be safe and healthy!

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