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To many students, travelling is one of the most important things in college life. From Oct 27 to Oct 30 2009 I was a delegate of CityU and Hong Kong to attend the Challenge Cup Innovation Competition in Beijing. I had a wonderful trip with my teammates and met some excellent friends in Beihang University.

Joining the Competition was a good chance to test our project—“Temperature Sensor Array Monitor System”. We had a chance to learn from more than 1,500 projects selected from all mainland universities. Some of them were really impressive, such as an automatic robot and a self-directing yacht. Some candidates had been preparing for their project since they entered college. Their efforts were definitely admirable. If you have the passion and persistence to achieve a goal, your efforts will not fail you.

The ending of the Competition was unexpected. Because of the death of a student in Beihang University caused by H1N1, which posed a potential risk to other delegates, the organising committee decided to cancel the activities scheduled for the last three days and all delegates were advised to leave Beijing as soon as they could. Actually, before we knew the decision, our team leader Mrs. Roslyn Li, Senior Student Development Officer from SDS, had already informed CityU of the situation and the university advised us to come back immediately. We left Beijing at 5:00am, 31 Oct, only 7 hours after the cancellation of Competition. The decision to leave turned out to be a very smart decision, because 24 hours later heavy snow stopped the air traffic and some other delegates could not leave the city until 2 Nov.

The Challenge Cup is the top technology innovation competition in mainland China. It also accepts business proposals and any innovative ideas. I highly recommend you to attend it next year for the following reasons:

  1. It is a good testing field for your project.
  2. It provides you with a FREE trip for one week. Assessment lasts for 4 days and the 3 remaining days will be for travelling and interflow activities.
  3. The organiser, usually a top university in China, will assign enthusiastic volunteers to accompany group participants during the trip. It is a great opportunity to make friends with mainland students and you will learn a lot from them.

Try out your innovation and create an opportunity to challenge your intellectual abilities!