In order to reduce waste and protect the environment, Homey Kitchen is now running a Ħ§Bring Your OwnĦ¨ programme. Disposable containers have become a big problem to our surroundings. You are advised to bring your own reusable containers, such as a cup or a lunch box, when you buy food or drinks at Homey Kitchen. You will pay 50 cents less for each container you bring, up to one dollar per order.

Environmental protection is not as difficult as you think. If you want to make a start, start with your daily habitsĦXjust bring a reusable container. Sort recyclable items and put them into our recycle bins outside your Hall. When you are packing your things for checking out, you can support the environment and help needy people by dropping your clean used clothes into the huge drop box of the Ħ§Salvation Army Recycling ProgrammeĦ¨, which is located at the covered area between JC Academy Hall and Chan Shui Kau Hall.

Bring Your Own and Reduce Waste