Want to brush up your English? The ELC has always been a good resource centre for English learning. But do you know that in Student Residence there is a Language Clinic, which is also an excellent place to improve your English?

The Language Clinic has been providing English consultation for students on campus ever since 2004. Starting from 2006/07, the Language Clinic has extended its services to residents by establishing the Language Clinic Student Residence. Here you can find answers to your questions about grammar usage and composition, as well as suggestions about good books to read etc. If you have an assignment or essay that needs revision or you just need general help in improving your English, the SR Language Clinic is the right place for you. It is just easy to make an appointment, and visit the Clinic to receive their service!



In addition to the SR Language Clinic, there is also a Putonghua Clinic at the Student Residence¡]¡^ running every Monday and Wednesday. The Clinic has so far organised several interesting activities like Putonghua movies, writing Chinese calligraphy and singing Putonghua songs. Here is the photo gallery for the Putonghua learning activities.

Language Services at the Student Residence for Your Needs