As winter finally comes to North America at the end of this year, another Thanksgiving Day is approaching. Although the weather is getting cold, the warmness of love and care is filling the atmosphere in the Student Residence.

Thanksgiving originates from North America. The story dates back to the Big Maritime Navigation Era. When early migrants to Plymouth Colony settled down, the Native American and former British slaves taught them how to grow corn and catch eels. Without their help, the early settlers, who were called ˇ§Pilgrimsˇ¨, would not have survived. Right after their first harvest, the Pilgrims set up a late-fall celebration of food, feasting, and praising God. They ate and had fun with the Native Americans for three days, showing their gratefulness to them.

During Thanksgiving Day, turkey is regarded as the featured item. It counts so much that Thanksgiving is sometimes called ˇ§Turkey Dayˇ¨ (just as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is sometimes referred to as ˇ§Moon-cake Dayˇ¨). Weˇ¦re making sure that you will experience an unforgettable Thanksgiving here in the Student Residence. Homey Kitchen is preparing for a special American Thanksgiving Day Dinner on 22 November 2007 (Thursday). Come and enjoy a warm and traditional dish!

This is also an occation to express your gratitude to the ones you love.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

A Season for Gratitude