The joint polling for seven Residents' Associations (RAs) was successfully held on 23 and 24 October 2007. JC Harmony Hall (Hall 7) is exploring the establishment of a RA for their Hall.The polling registered a satisfactory voting turnout which ranged from 77.5% to 45.3%. Congratulations to the newly-elected RAs:



Do the names of the cabinets give you an idea about the mission of the new RAs? The new RAs are going to organise different activities such as hiking, sports competitions, high-table dinners and orientation activities within their term of service (Nov 2007-Oct 2008)!

Being an executive committee member of a RA calls for responsibility and commitment. It is not an easy job and is always demanding. So do try your best to support them and enjoy the happy times in all kinds of hall activities they are going to organise! Check out from the notice boards at your Halls the new members of your Hall’s RA!

Hall 1: “All in One”
Hall 2: “2KEA” (“2家”)
Hall 3: “Staccato”
Hall 4: “集智舍”

Hall 5: “5~Star Family” (“五星級的家”)
Hall 6: “VIRA”
Hall 9: “Hot 9”

New RAs at Your Service