titleBy Gaargi SHARMA(Alumni Civility Hall)

Have you ever heard yourself say, “Oh, that article could have been much better” or heard other people saying, “Have you read that article? I think it is the best one in the issue!”  If you have, then you should know another special thing about ResLink issues: since it is for YOU, you too can have your say in it.

ResLink isn’t something meant only for a handful of students. It is read by many and it covers a range of current topics occurring in the Student Residence and their lives. Now, you too can chip in through this students’ mouthpiece by giving suggestions and insightful comments. After all nobody is perfect, right? We would love to know what you think of our articles! Furthermore, you can also contribute by choosing the Best Article of the Issue. This would give us an impetus to work harder and come up with interesting topics satisfying your taste and addressing your concerns.

If you thought this was ‘cool’ then there’s more to it! Share with us your own stories and tales. This would allow each one to know more about you and the things that happen to every resident just like you. What’s even better is that you will be provided with a gift if your article is published by ResLink. That’s what I call “icing on the cake”.

Now that is why the article was titled – ‘for the students, by the students and of the students. You like it, so you say it. You want to share something, so you give it. ResLink is for YOU.

Images from: http://www.eldridgestreet.org/images/write-with-us.jpg

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