title By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Doctors and nutritionists always remind us to eat more fruit and vegetables, especially in autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and cold. Fruit and vegetables contain several varieties of vitamins which can strength our immune system. This is extremely important at a time when Influenza A H1N1 virus is spreading so crazily.  But some of you may ask: what if I am particular about food? How can I eat more kinds of food? Don’t worry, the creative student residents participating in the Healthy Snacks Competition in March 2008 and 2009, organised by the Student Residence Office , have already prepared nutritious and easily-made food to fulfill all your needs.

Healthy Apples
(Healthy Snacks Competition 2007/08)
Contributors: “Healthy Kitchen”
Ingredients: 2 green apples, 2 red apples, a few grapes, walnuts and celery
Seasoning:  salt, pepper, lemon juice, yogurt and maple syrup
1. Dice the apples and celery
2. Mix a pinch of salt and pepper, a few drops of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of yogurt and a spoonful of maple syrup
3. Stir in the diced apples, celery, some walnuts and grapes.



Six Vegetables in One Bag
(Healthy Snacks Competition 2008/09)
Contributors: former 9/F residents in JC Humanity Hall (CHEUNG Ling Chi, CHEUNG Hoi Yan, SUM Kwan Ho, CHAN Wai Man, GUM Ka Ling)
Ingredients: won-ton sheet, leek, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, lettuce, golden mushroom
Seasoning: fish gravy, sugar, vinegar, chili sauce
1. Thaw the won-ton sheet and cook the leek.
2. Dice up the other ingredients such as the cucumber and mushroom, and then stir fry them.
3. Put the cooked ingredients in the won-ton sheet and wrap up. Seal off the sheet by tying the leek.
4. Cook the "bags" (dumplings) in boiled soup or water for 2 minutes. 5. Make the sauce ready and cook them: water, sugar, vinegar and chili sauce in the fish gravy. Dress the dumplings with the cooked sauce.


Has the smell of the delicious foods made you hungry?  Why not go and buy fruit and vegetables and try the two recipes out? Follow the recipes and you can be your own cook.  Enjoy your food and a healthy life!


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